Controlling SBA Composer from within a Jupyter notebook

To understand this tutorial, please read the data exchange tutorial first. That tutorial explains how to send data to SBA Composer from within a web-application. Jupyter notebooks do run inside a webbrowser, and it is only a small step to make the data exchange mechanism work for this use case.

Given that Jupyter notebooks are excellent tools for writing tutorials, we here refer to the tutorial notebook for further instructions.
You can view (but not run) the notebook here. To run and edit it, download the notebook and open it in your own private Jupyter notebook server, or in a public notebook server, such as Azure notebooks (click on sba-interface.ipynb and sign in with a Microsoft account). The notebook has issues on Google Colab notebooks because of additional security constraints, but these can be circumvented as demonstrated in the Google Colab workaround.

This tutorial was intentionally kept short.