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List of supported atlas templates

Returns a html-table with all supported atlas templates, including their title and species

AbbreviationSpeciesAtlas spaceTemplate nameReference
HumanCortex09Humannative*Provided as is* Automatically labelled human cortex
HBA12HumannativeAllen Mouse Brain volumetric atlas 2012
PHT00MacaquenativePaxinos et al. 2000
EAZ05_v20HumannativeJuBrain cytoarchitectonic atlas by Amunts, Zilles et al., with maximum probability maps of Eickhoff et al. (2005)
LHAetal07MousenativeAllen Mouse Brain
EAZ05_v18HumannativeCytoarchitectonic segmentation of Eickhoff, Amunts, Zilles, et al.
BLHS13MousenativeHippocampal atlas by Badhwar, Lerch, Hamel, Sled 2013
NMM1103HumannativeNeuromorphometrics Inc. manually segmented brain
DLSKH08MousenativeHippocampal atlas by Dorr et al 2008
RM_on_F99MacaquenativeRegional Map 2005
VLAetal11RatnativePopulation-averaged DTI atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat (Veraart et al. 2011)
CBWJ13_age_P80RatnativeMRH Atlas of the developing brain: P80
FVE91_on_F99MacaquenativeFelleman and Van Essen 1991
FP08_contoursMousenativeFranklin and Paxinos 2008, contours
LVE00_on_F99MacaqueF99Lewis and Van Essen 2000
MMFetal11_on_F99Macaquenativeparcellation from Markov, Misery, Falchier and 14 others (2011)
HOA06HumannativeHarvard-Oxford atlas as distributed with FSL
B05_on_Conte69HumannativeBrodmann 05 mapped onto Conte69 (2012)
WHS12_with_PLCJB14MousenativeWHS-Rat delineation in WHS-Mouse space
WHS11MousenativeWaxholm Space delineation 2011
DB09MacaquenativeNeuroMaps Atlas
OPSM14OpossumnativeMultimodal atlas of gray short-tailed opossum brain (Chlodzinska, Majka et. al. 2014)
WHS10MousenativeWaxholm Space delineation 2010
DB08MacaquenativeNeuroMaps Atlas
BIGB13_v0HumannativeBigbrain resampled at 400 μm
ABA12MousenativeAllen Mouse Brain volumetric atlas 2012
ABA_v3MousenativeAllen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework version 3
PHT00_on_F99MacaqueF99Paxinos et al. 2000
PWPRT12MarmosetnativePaxinos, Watson, Petrides, Rosa and Tokuno (2012)
KGBetal17HumannativeMindBoggle "OASIS-TRT-20 joint fusion" atlas
NMT_v2.0_symMacaquenativeNMT v2.0_sym Macaque atlas
VSNetal11RatnativeAn in vivo MRI Template (Valdés-Hernández, Sumiyoshi, Nonaka, et al. 2013)
NMM1103_freesurferHumannativeFreesurfer (version 6-beta) reconstruction of NMM1103 scan, in native coordinates.
MERetal14_on_F99MacaquenativeMarkov et al. (2014) 91 cortical regions atlas, registered to F99 space
WHS09MousenativeWaxholm Space delineation 2009
RMJetal13RatnativeDTI Atlas of the P72 Rat Brain by Rumple et al. 2013
CBCetal15MacaquenativeCalabrese et al. (2015) DTI atlas with Paxinos brain regions
TT88HumannativeTalairach Atlas
MERetal14MacaquenativeMarkov et al. (2014) 91 cortical regions atlas
WHS12MousenativeWaxholm Space delineation 2012
MERetal14_on_CBCetal15MacaquenativeMarkov et al. (2014) 91 cortical regions atlas, warped to CBCetal15 space
ABA07MousenativeAllen Mouse Brain volumetric atlas 2007
PLCJB14_v4RatnativeWHS Sprague Dawley Rat Atlas version 4
RMJetal13_age_P72RatnativeDTI Atlas of the P72 Rat Brain (Rumple et al. 2013)
DB08_v0MacaquenativeNeuroMaps Atlas
MERetal14_on_F99_v0Macaquenativeparcellation from Markov, Ercsey-Ravas, Ribeiro Gomes, and 19 others (2014)
LPBA40_on_SRI24HumanSRI24SRI24/LBPA40 Multichannel Atlas
HumanBrain09Humannative*Provided as is* Automatically labelled human brain
HSRetal17FerretnativePopulation based MRI/DTI atlas of the adult ferret by Hutchinson et al. (2017).
BN274HumannativeBrainnetome atlas based on connectivity profiles
WHS12_with_ABA12MousenativeAllen Mouse Brain volumetric atlas 2012
PLCJB14RatnativeWaxholm Rat (Papp, Leergaard, Calabrese, Johnson, Bjaalie 2014)
RGYetal16MacaquenativeSaleem-Logothetis 3d template
BIGB13HumannativeBigbrain at 400 μm, with coronal zoom at 20 μm.
BNAHumannativeBrainnetome atlas based on connectivity profiles