Brainnetome atlas based on connectivity profiles

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This viewer imports region meshes from the Scalable Brain Atlas and renders them together in a scene. You can select color and opacity for each region interactively, or programmatically via the URL. The interface is self-documenting: first select a few regions in the interface, then click the 'Direct link' button. A new page loads with an URL that contains color and opacity values for each active shape. In your script you can generate URLs that follow the same format to directly control the page.


Viewer created by Rembrandt Bakker, Radboud University Nijmegen & Jülich Research Institute, 2017,
funded by the Human Brain Project Neuroinformatics Platform and the Ferret Interactive Integrated Neurodevelopment Atlas (FIIND) project.

What's new

Known issues

Thanks to these references Vogt+, ApJ 818, 115 (2016), Open GL tutorial, Real Time Rendering and Animation of Virtual Characters for getting transparency issues fixed.


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Warning: this section contains experimental features for testing; pressing these buttons voids your warranty!

Apply affine transformation to all shapes in Atlas Space:

Apply affine transformation to all items in User Space:

Insert clipping planes in Atlas Space:

Insert clipping planes in User Space: