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Scalable Brain Atlas - Neuroanatomy at your fingertips
Home page with an overview of the supported atlas templates and services
Scalable Brain Atlas Composer
Compose a 3d rendering of the brain by combining 3d-meshes with sections, volumes and/or markup of your own.
Interactive 3d atlas viewer (coronal)
The main atlas viewer, based on quasi-3d display of coronal sections
citation policy
Citation policy
The citation policy is designed to protect those who contribute data to the Scalable Brain Atlas.
Lists grant numbers and people who contributed to the Scalable Brain Atlas
Complete brain region hierarchy
Interactively displays the brain region hierarchy for a given template, including structures without visible representation in the template
distance matrix
Matrix with euclidian distances between region centers within a hemisphere.
Returns a table (tab-separated) with the euclidian distances [mm] between region centers within a hemisphere, for a given atlas template
label index mapper
Map label indices to region names.
Generates a map from label indices to region acronym, full name, or rgb-value.
list regions
Lists all regions belonging to the given template
Returns a table (tab-separated) with all regions contained in a given template, their full names, place in the region hierarchy and whether they are a visible structure in the Scalable Brain Atlas
list templates
List of supported atlas templates
Returns a html-table with all supported atlas templates, including their title and species
Matlab analysis
Analyze atlas templates in Matlab
This service lets you download slices and matlab-scripts to your computer, to create advanced 3D visualizations using your local installation of Matlab.
neuroVIISAS contours
Export brain region contours to neuroVIISAS-compatible XML
neuroVIISAS is a platform for mapping, visualization and analysis of connectivity data from tracing studies
neuroVIISAS hierarchy
Export brain region hierarchy to neuroVIISAS-compatible XML
neuroVIISAS is a platform for mapping, visualization and analysis of connectivity data from tracing studies
region by coordinate
Find region by coordinate
This service outputs the name of a brain region, given a stereotaxic coordinate as input.
region centers
Region centers (optimized for label placement)
Returns a table (tab-separated) with columns [acronym | rgb-value | x | y | z], where x (left-right), y (posterior-anterior), z (inferior-superior) are the region centers in [mm] optimized for label placement.
rgb slice
Color-coded PNG (bitmap) or SVG (vector) image of a brain atlas slice
Returns a color-coded SVG or PNG image of a single brain atlas slice. Get the color scheme from the 'list regions' service. Warning: the PNG image is produced using the RSVG library, which has the shortcoming that anti-aliasing can't be turned off. As a result, border pixels get interpolated RGB values that do not map to a valid brain region.
Region thumbnail in 2D (slice) or 3D (stack of slices)
Returns a region thumbnail in 2D (slice), 3D (stack of slices), or both.
view/map 3d surface
View a brain surface in 3D and map values onto brain regions.
Generates an html-embedded X3D scene with controls to map values onto brain regions.
Site map
Site map
Displays site map as a hierarchical tree