Scalable Brain Atlas  citation policy

Citation policy

If you use data from the Scalable Brain Atlas in your research, you must abide by our citation policy. This policy is designed to protect researchers who contribute data to the platform.

  1. For each atlas template that contributes to or is mentioned in your publication: cite the 'defining citation(s)', as listed in the About section of each atlas.
  2. If you mention the Scalable Brain Atlas in your publication, then in addition to the above you need to cite the Scalable Brain Atlas. The current Scalable Brain Atlas citation is:
    Rembrandt Bakker, Paul Tiesinga, Rolf Kötter (2015)
    "The Scalable Brain Atlas: instant web-based access to public brain atlases and related content."
    Neuroinformatics. (author copy: arXiv:1312.6310)
  3. If you mention the use of a plugin, you need to cite its main citation.
With this citation policy we want to encourage data owners to contribute data and get proper credit. If a publication does not abide by this policy we retain the right to write to the journal editor and request an erratum.