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Human - Brainnetome atlas based on connectivity profiles

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About this atlas

Terms of use

The Scalable Brain Atlas does not "own" any of its templates. To ensure that the atlas makers receive proper credit, you must abide by our
citation policy.
In brief, always (1) cite each data source that contributed to your analysis, and (2) cite the Scalable Brain Atlas main publication and plugin references where appropriate.

The defining citations for this atlas template are:

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Additional region- or method-specific citations are:

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It is recommended that you download atlas data directly from the original data source. This will give you the most recent version of the data with the highest resolution. In case you can't find the data at the original source, the Scalable Brain Atlas provides selected (downsampled) datasets for your convenience.
The license terms of the original data source apply.

The Scalable Brain Atlas is developed by Rembrandt Bakker and many contributors with financial support from INCF, Radboud University Nijmegen, and others.
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