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This site provides interactive access to more than twenty publicly accessible brain atlases. It displays brain regions and reference images in 2d and 3d multi-slice views, with easy search and navigation.
A plugin mechanism enables client websites to show brain region related data in response to user actions, and an API is implemented as a set of web-services.
All atlas pages are listed in the table below, a complete overview of available services is in the site map.

A recent development is SBA Composer, a WebGL-powered 3d viewer in which users can upload their own (experimental) data and display them together with brain region meshes and reference image sections. SBA Composer is in the beta stage (blog), available for atlases marked with a ★.

Macaque atlases

Macaque brain The Calabrese et al. (2015) MRI+DTI atlas with Paxinos regions.
The Paxinos Rhesus Monkey atlas (2000).
The NeuroMaps Macaque atlas (2009).
The Markov et al. (2014) 91 cortical regions atlas.
Various templates available through Caret, registered to F99 space:

Mouse atlases

Mouse brain The Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework version 3 (ABA_v3) .
[archived: 2012 version, 2007 version]
The INCF Waxholm Space for the mouse (2012).
[archived: 2011 version, 2010 version, 2009 version]
The Hippocampus atlas of Badhwar et al. (2013).

Rat atlases

Rat brain The Waxholm Space Sprague Dawley rat atlas of Papp et al. (2014).
The MR-histology atlas (age P80) of Calabrese et al. (2013) at age P80.
The in vivo MRI template of Valdés-Hernández et al. (2011).
The DTI Atlas (age P72) of Rumple et al. (2013).
The Population-averaged DTI atlas of Veraart et al. (2011).

Human atlases

Human brain The Harvard Oxford cortical parcellation, as distributed with FSL.
The JuBrain cytoarchitectonic atlas by Amunts, Zilles et al. with maximum probability maps from Eickhoff et al. (2005).
The Neuromorphometrics Inc. manually segmented brain, with cortical and subcortical parcellation.
The Brainnetome Atlas of Fan, Jiang et al. (2016), with maximum probability maps, anatomical and functional connectivity.
The LPBA40 parcellation, registered to SRI24 space.
The BigBrain Nissl stained slices resampled at 400 µm.
The Brodmann areas, projected on Conte69 space.

Ferret atlas

Ferret brain The Population based MRI/DTI atlas of the adult ferret by Hutchinson et al. (2017).

Marmoset atlas

Marmoset brain The Marmoset atlas in Stereotactic Coordinates

Opossum atlas

Opossum brain The Multimodal atlas of gray short-tailed opossum brain by Chlodzinska, Majka et. al.


The Scalable Brain Atlas is developed by Rembrandt Bakker in collaboration with many others. It uses exploratory work of Gleb Bezgin, creator of the CoCoMac-Paxinos3D tool. It was first presented as a poster and demo session at the INCF booth of SFN 2009 in Chicago.

Scalable Brain Atlas SFN 2009 poster

A publication in Neuroinformatics followed in 2015.


The Scalable Brain Atlas is financed by grants from these institutes/projects:

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